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Jeruk Manis waterfall is a waterfall in the village Kembang Kuning (near the village of Tetebatu), at Sikur district East Lombok Regency, about 50 km from the city of Mataram. By local residents, the waterfall of Jeruk Manis is also referred as waterfall Jukut OR Aiq Temer. The waterfall is believed to cure hair loss. Gates entered the waterfall of Jeruk Manis is the National Park of Mount Rinjani.

After we report with the clerk of the National Park of Mount Rinjani and pay for tickets at the counter, we first had to walk about 2 miles to arrive at the waterfall. There are 2 posts of rest before reaching the waterfall, as Berugak were made permanent (walled and precarious). The height of the waterfall of Jeruk Manis is about 40 m.

Much can still be done in the area of the National Park of Mount Rinjani, which, in addition to the waterfall of Jeruk Manis, there are also beautiful places to go Hiking or Jogging in the Park. The surrounding landscape is also beautiful, the air is clean and fresh.

The itinerary waterfall of Jeruk Manis Tetebatu 3 days 2 nights as follow:

Day 1: Metting at arrival gate at Airport Lombok then driving to Tetebatu takes 1 hour
Arrive at hotel Tetebatu, then we walk away to visit community activity everyday in Tetebatu, overnight at the hotel

Day 2: After breakfast in the hotel we will take the bike that you have prepared, rowing to visit the waterfall of Jeruk Manis for 30 minutes, then we visit the traditional manufacture Spinner, after that we have the time to the village of Pringgasela, namely craft fabric/woven around 30 minutes, and then we had lunch at the local restaurant, after lunch visit to the village of Penakak that is making pottery, visited for 40 minutes, after that we visited the market cows and horses, then we visit the village of Loyok Bamboo handicraft, after visiting the bamboo, your bike will be taken by our coordinator, and we will rise Cidomo (Horsecart) drop off at hotel, staying overnight at the hotel

Day 3: Check out time To the Airport Lombok
After breakfast – check out Lombok international airport

Package 3 days 2 nights is the minimum for 2 people and in pay per person
2 Pax = US$ 250 per person

Package 3 days 2 nights mentioned above include
– Overnight in hotel Tetebatu including daily breakfast
– Each gets a bike
– Lunch at the sitting
– 2 x transport, Airport-Tetebatu, Tetebatu-Airport

Optional: Entertainment dance Gendang Beleq (big drum) at restaurant Tete Batu as welcome “Traditional Sasak Dance

Please book your reservation and in the daily operation of our office via email at

To find out information packages to climb Mount Rinjani National Park, please contact to our address below as follows:

Rice field terrace, By local residents the waterfall of Jeruk Manis
Rice field terrace, By local residents the waterfall of Jeruk Manis
The waterfall of Jeruk Manis
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